Soluzione “Comprensione del testo”: Liceo Linguistico – Lingua Inglese, Ralph Ellison – “Invisible Man”


1)  The protagonist’s main problem is that he feels invisible to other people’s eyes. He’s a normal man with a normal life, but to him it looks like he’s unnoticed by the rest of the World wherever he goes, whatever he does.

2) He doesn’t complain about being invisible, he thinks sometimes it can also be an advantage to be unseen by the others. At the same time, he asks himself if he really exists in this World. He questions his own existence, trying to convince himself that he is real and not just a phantom, making everything possible to be noticed, with poor results.

3) One night, as he was walking on a dark and empty street, he bumped into a man, who called him an insulting name.

4) The man was a tall blond one, with blue eyes and he was wearing a coat.

5) The protagonist asks the tall blond man to apologize for insulting him, but the other man didn’t reply.

6) The man didn’t saw the protagonist. As it is said in the text, while the protagonist was thinking of slitting the man’s throat with his knife, “it occurred to me that the man had not seen me, actually; that he, as far as he knew, was in the midst of a walking nightmare!”

7) The protagonist’s aggression could be explained by the fact that the only time someone’s get in contact with him, it’s just to curse and insult him. The protagonist reached such a level on dissociation from reality, given by the invisibility to other’s eyes, that he first feels angry and in the middle of a “frenzy”, just as if it was not him to act but the phantom. But as the rage and violence stop, he feels “unnerved”, “both disgusted and ashamed” for a second, before feeling mused, as he was freed by the fear of being a phantom, of not being real.

8) The protagonist tells us that he was acting that way in the middle of a frenzy,“because he still uttered insults though his lips were frothy with blood”. He felt like he was not really him butting the man’s chin or kicking his body, since after he realizes that the man didn’t saw him, he felt “like a drunken man myself, wavering about on weakened legs”. 

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Maturita 2014, prova di inglese soluzione

Maturita 2014, prova di inglese soluzione

Maturita 2014, prova di inglese

Maturita 2014, prova di inglese